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I have a confession – sometimes it’s the limitations that are inspiring to me.  It’s those things that are ‘wrong’ that push me in another direction.  Do you find that too?

I was in the jewellery section looking for something that could be an interesting project and found – like most people I suppose – that the huge wall of options was a little confusing.  I ended up walking away with just a packet of 2 neck rings, and when they were home and out of the packet they seemed so thin compared with the one I usually wear.

And I had no beads or plan of what to do.

I did have a few scraps of fabric left over from another project though – so I cut them into squares, then folded them in half about 8 times and cut the outside edge into a rounded curve.  Once opened a flower presented itself.  I repeated this a few times, chose the best few, and traced the inside edge of a few of them in running stitch.

The flower was then layered up and fixed to the side of the neck ring with a button at the back – sewing through all layers of the flower through to the button at the back with the wire sandwiched between the fabric and the button.

With firm stitching the flower does stay to one side – and the delicacy of the wire presents itself as a much more comfortable and flattering option than a traditional choker.



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