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Feeling free

OK – so it’s a blatant plug, but this is my first magazine for Lincraft and I’m pretty excited by it.  You don’t know what it took to get here… and it is just so pretty!

Yep – that’s me, being all editory and everything.

Fashion, fun and hats.   I loved making the hats.

An easy to sew clutch bag.

Tips and tricks on working with feathers, so you can make your own hat for the races and have it looking professioanl.

Great vest for layering.

Hoop la!

Love this project – so easy and so practical – great for gift-wrapping too.

Artwork to try yourself, and easy enough to get the kids involved.

An easy tee-pee.  Why should boys have all the fun…

Knitted cupcakes!  Too sweet! And the hobby horses turned out beautifully.  Such a fun project.

And some links to some wonderful online resources.

It’s out now – projects are on the website:  www.lincraft.com.au.  Most exciting, and most exciting to have it printed so I can get on to the next thing.

Christmas is coming!


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