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There’s a lot of reasons why you’d want to take photographs of your craft.

Perhaps you blog?  Perhaps you want to sell your objects?  Perhaps you want to share them with others on Flickr, or just have a record of what you did.

Setting up a home studio is easier than you might expect.  All you need is a digital camera and a large sheet of white paper or card.  If you choose a different colour than white this will still work, but the light won’t bounce as neatly off your object.

My ‘studio’

Professional photographers use giant rolls of paper that are clipped to a wall and sweep gently under the subject to remove corners that can be a visual distraction.  You can do that at home by finding a well lit corner, with a wall behind a flat surface.  At home, I found the best place was on top of my stove.  Make sure the top and bottom are secured with tape or weighted down (out of the camera view) so that your arrangement will stay still – nothing worse than a sliding subject.

Notice that behind my sheet of paper I have put some white board?  That’s because my ‘wall’ was an object and you could see the light shining through the paper.

This photo was taken without the ‘wall’ behind.  You can see the light and shadows in the background are too distracting.

I would recommend not using a flash.  Flashes tend to give too much contrast – natural light is always better, and if you are taking a shot with overhead light and the shadows are too obvious, try bringing another table lamp (or two) just out of shot to reduce the shadows.

So that’s it!  Get snapping. 🙂


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